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> Stage 1 tune is a software re-calibration only.

> Stage 2 tune is software re-calibraited to work with light engine modifications - Air Filter, exhaust sports cat or de-cat, intercooler.

> Stage 3 tune is software re-calibrated on the dyno for heavy engine modifications - Cold air intake, exhaust de-cat, intercooler, turbo upgrade and more.

Some existing modifications can improve the gains made by remapping a vehicle, and modifications to parts such as air filters and exhausts reduce restrictions of manufacturer parts. Make sure you to let us know what modifications the vehicle has when submitting your file request.

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You will need a diagnostics tool like Vag Com (VCDS) or similar. The most common parameters to log are:

> Request turbo boost
> Actual turbo boost
> Ignition timing
> AFR (Air Fuel Ratio)
> Throttle Position

Log in 3rd or 4th gearbox from low rpm (1500rpm) to redline.

No problem, simply bring the vehicle back in and we will take a fresh read of your ECU and write you a new map file free of charge. We offer this as part of our lifetime software support. Take a fresh read of the ECU, re-open the request ticket to add the fresh read add a comment to let us know.

Absolutely. We offer this service free of charge if the vehicle is brought back to us. We'll be very surprised if that's what you want after taking one of our remap products, however in the case of lease cars some customers prefer to put the car back to standard before returning the car. Should you lose your tuning files due to dealer actions or parts failure we will be happy to re-install the map onto your car free of charge where possible.

ECU Remapping is a way of fine tuning the vehicle's 'brain' to make it perform more efficiently. All vehicles have an ECU (Engine Control Unit) and the data file stored on the ECU tells the engine how to run. What we do is simply recalibrate the software on the ECU, either by connecting to the vehicle's OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) port, bench tuning or by adding a plug and play tuning module kit. We can improve a vehicle's fuel economy by up to 15%, or increase power by up to 40% using these methods. Remapping is sometimes known as chip tuning, which is an old method of tuning.

No. Our remaps are designed specifically to improve the performance of your vehicle whilst remaining within the tolerances of your vehicles' components.
Sadly, in attempt to achieve 'big numbers' some other companies over tune engines, placing excessive stress on the engine, transmission, cooling systems, etc, leading to reduced life span and reliability of the vehicle. We pride ourselves in producing reliable remaps which do not over stress your vehicle but still produce impressive results.

This is one method of tuning a vehicle. It involves physically removing the vehicle's ECU so that we can connect directly to the ECU's circuit board which enables us to re-calibrate the vehicle's ECU before putting everything back as we found it. We can complete all of this in-house. Naturally is takes us a bit longer to tune a vehicle this way but don't worry, we will let you know which method of tuning we will use on your vehicle when you make your initial enquiry.

ECU remapping is far superior to the diesel tuning boxes. When we remap an ECU it optimises various settings and parameters the ECU controls that a tuning box cannot as diesel tuning boxes can only give more fuel pressure. Here at JF Automotive we do sell tuning boxes for certain applications, but these are high end digital chips that have proven results in the dyno cell. Beware of cheap tuning boxes for sale as these can lead to problems or not have any effect on the vehicles performance at all.